Taming the Constant Chatter Inside Your Head
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Taming the Constant Chatter Inside Your Head

Written by Steven D. Arecco

taming_the_inner_voiceHow wonderful would it be to tame that voice inside your head! You know which voice I mean, the one that is constantly grabbing onto thoughts (mostly negative ones) and not letting go until they’re blown way out of proportion. Even if you are finally successful at removing the thought, there’s always another negative thought to take its place. And so the cycle continues…Many of you live a large portion of your lives in a fantasy world concocted by your own mind. It’s not your fault. This has been a viscous cycle you’ve probably had since you were very young. You’ve unconsciously allowed it to rule your life.

Continuous striving for inner quiet and piece is the most important thing you can do for your health and wellbeing! The key to taming that voice inside your head is to realize that it’s just a thought! It’s not you! It’s not out to ruin your life. It’s just “habitual mind chatter”, that you’ve allowed in your life nearly every moment of every day, even while you sleep.
Steps to take to tame the beast: Realize every thought you have is just a thought. It has no power. Only you can give it power. The more power you give a negative thought, the weaker you become.
When a thought enters your mind:

Notice it’s there.
Decide whether you want to interact with it or not. If so, then keep the thought process productive and loving. Decide how long you will spend pondering the thought. Then slowly push it away. If it is an unhealthy thought, one that depresses you or causes trouble for you or others then decide whether you can reframe it in your mind so that you can ponder it in positive way. If not, then just slowly let it pass on by, much like a balloon drifting right pass you.
The problem isn’t whether we think negative thoughts; it’s that we pay attention to them, way too much. We, give our thoughts power and truth. Choosing which ones deserve them is the art.

Focus on something positive you would like to do in your life. Perhaps ask a person out on a date or learn a new trade…Then take an hour and write down all the thoughts associated to that action. That voice will most likely be expressing many negative reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Then go ahead and do it anyway. Even if that negative voice gets louder. Still do the task but keep your new mindset in place which is, they are only thoughts. I control my thoughts, they no longer control me![/important]

“Make this year the best year you’ve ever had! It’s all by design!!”

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