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Speaking Overview


Dare I say it…. It’s vital !! It’s common knowledge that the overall majority of events are boring. They lack excitement, flow and enthusiasm. Sure you would like the food to be good, service to be helpful and weather to be nice, but that doesn’t always happen. One way to insure an amazing event is to hire a professional speaker.

If you are the meeting planner, then the success or failure rides on your shoulders. Put together the right event and you are a hero, a boring one and you are embarrassed to show your face the next day.

We at Steven Arecco and Associates are determined to provide you with the very best fit for your event. Our Professional Speakers are not only extremely knowledgeable about their topics, they are entertainers as well. The most effective way for people to absorb knowledge is when they are enjoying themselves. Through humor, charisma and connecting with each audience member, SA&A contributes greatly to your success and the success of your function.

Business Consulting Services

Steven Arecco & Associates provide a wide range of services for the sole proprietorship to large corporations. As the world changes daily, it is critical for a business to know where it stands, how it measures up, and whether it is capable of staying on track to effectively keep up to meet its business goals and objectives.

Projects are done on time and on budget. There are never any hidden costs. You know everything upfront. When you succeed… we succeed. We understand and appreciate your need to reduce costs. We can help you do that but even more importantly, increase efficiency at the same time.

We realize that most people fear change so we do not jump in and turn everything upside down. We are a people oriented organization first and foremost and as such understand the psychology necessary to move them in the direction we need them to go.

Services include but not limited to:

  • Business strategy planning.
  • Individual coaching.
  • Human resource evaluation and restructuring.
  • Technology upgrading and implementation.
  • The identification of processes which are underperforming.
  • The creation of a unique corporate identity.
  • Trouble shooting all areas of the workplace.
  • Assessing what meetings are necessary, how often, and to make them more enjoyable.
  • Bridge building between upper management and employees.
  • How to get the most cooperation from your employees and middle management.
  • How to cut down on employee tardiness.

“Business advice from SA&A will prepare your company for the next phase of growth.”