Speaking Topics


12 Steps to financial freedom
Are you always worrying about the bills? Do you dread getting those credit card statements in the mail? Are you living week to week? In this program, Steven opens your eyes step by step and leads you to a place of financial ease.

How to Balance all the areas of your life
Balance, it’s more like a juggling act some might say! In this program Steven will teach you how to identify what’s really important in your life. Then create an action plan which will allow you to have it all.

Getting your finances and your life back on track
Never has it been more important than now. It’s time to grab hold of your finances that appear to have a hold over you! In this program, Steven systematically walks you through the simple stages which will allow you to get caught up and jump ahead of your finances.

Goal Setting and achievement
Why is it that most people make New Year’s resolutions yet within one week abandon them? In this program you will learn how to determine what the best goals are for you and how to implement them. You will also learn how to stay on course, especially through the bumpy times.

Problem Solving in & out of the work place
It’s referred to as problem solving. Steven believes the words we use can give strength to the wrong things. There are no problems in your life, only challenges. In this program you will learn how to think your way through any situation with the least amount of stress to you, your coworkers and your families.

If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, then build another door
Let’s face it. These days, you must be proactive in order to get, and stay ahead. In this program you will learn how to be open to opportunity which is all around you. How to identify it, prioritize it and take positive action towards its obtainment.