Steven D. Arecco’s Biography

Steven D. Arecco, born in 1962, husband and father, has been on the path of self-discovery his entire life. He is a speaker, business consultant, and personal coach, specializing in how to get the most out of your life. Among his favorite skill sets is mediation and meditation. Steven believes that any situation can be worked out without the need for expensive lawyers, heavy emotional stress or years of litigation.

Steven has owned his own company since 1982. This is where he developed his ability to connect with people and make learning exciting for himself and others. He was the President of The LIVA Organization and doubled their meeting attendance in just 6 months.

He has performed to groups of 50 to 1000 all across the country. As mentioned earlier, his roots lye in the video production community where he honed his speaking and business building skills. With over 30 years of experience, he will get you the real results where they count… “The bottom line.” His ability to connect with each attendee is truly remarkable. With an overwhelming drive to help others, Steven believes in giving back. If he is available, Steven will provide speaking services for charities and nonprofit organizations pro bono.

The mission statement at Steven Arecco & Associates is to provide our clients and website visitors with the most cutting edge information to help you, your family and your associates, to lead more happy and productive lives! If you are planning a meeting, luncheon, or business seminar, hiring a professional speaker to inform and captivate your audience could be the difference between a boring event and an amazing experience! If you are a successful business person, please contact us… We would love to interview you for our new blog: Millionaire Interviews.